Environmental policy


Alfa Dyser S.L. considers environmental care as a core value of its corporate culture. It therefore carries out its activities in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and is firmly committed to the conservation and correct use of the resources it employs. In fulfilling its environmental commitments, Alfa Dyser S.L. applies the following basic principles of action, which constitute the foundations of its environmental policy:

  • As a commitment to environmental protection, identify and assess all environmental impacts emissions derived from our activities and services, with the aim of implementing measures to reduce them, prevent pollution, minimise the consumption of resources and promote energy efficiency and savings in our facilities.
  • Securing the compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standardsand other requirements to which the organisation subscribes and, where possible, to exceed these requirements, provided that there is an associated environmental benefit to the company or society at large.
  • Include environmental considerations in our purchasing decisions and design of new products.We also use this information in the selection of our suppliers and subcontractors, whenever technologically possible, and in the selection of our suppliers and subcontractors, whenever their activities may have an impact on the environmental performance of the company and the planet.
  • The digital insertion of cataloguesThe aim is to contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the environment, reducing the use of paper and thus avoiding the felling of trees and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For this reason, Alfa Dyser, S.L. offers and recommends to all its customers the possibility of receiving its catalogues in electronic format.
  • Practising a integrated management of waste generated in the companyThe use of waste that is respectful of the environment, involving the correct segregation and recycling of waste where appropriate, as well as the appropriate intermediate and final storage of waste.
  • Develop a review and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System in place to keep it active and effective.

Alfa Dyser, S.L. ensures that the policy is understood at all levels of the organisation and by its employees by explaining it through staff meetings and disseminating it through distribution and publication on the company's website, thus ensuring that they are an active part of it and are involved and committed to its implementation.